When should I get tested for Covid-19? It would be better to stay at home,doctor says.

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With a more number of cases in the world , the risk of getting the infection is higher.

But a while regular testing may seem like a good idea to get ahead of the virus.

If you have a fever and cough, get tested. if you are feeling sick for more than a few days, give your healthcare provider a call. Prevention is more important than cure.

If you are in high-risk places like hospitals, you may qualify for testing even without symptoms.

Each state sets its own guidelines for who can obtain a COVID-19 test.

In all states, people who have symptoms of the COVID-19 should receive priority for the test.

If you have symptoms, call your health care provider for help on how and where to get tested.

The COVID-19 test can be either molecular or antigen-based

Antigen tests provide faster results but slightly less accurate.

Molecular tests require hours or days to get results but detect a high percentage of active infections than antigens tests do.

If the tests are extensively available in your area then speed up the results matter to you.its better to choose a location based on the type of testing they offer.




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